2nd August 2018

Suncorp stadium Rugby 10’s

I intend to write a piece of creative writing describing a place or scene that I have visited out of this country. I plan to use figurative language and involve my senses to enhance the story that I write. I also plan to describe the piece of writing as if someone else was in my position at the time

Scorching temperatures and musky air surround you and your friends on the travels through the concrete centre of Brisbane Australia. Hot temperatures are even more prominent on the pavement underneath you, nearly melting the rubber off the twelve dollar pair of Birkenstocks covering the bottom of your feet. The atmosphere of excitement fills you with great joy and heading to the Stadium with crowds of supporters joining as one river of free flowing people has you and your friends feeling eager. These crowds of people formed as one big rainbow infront, as each supporter is repping their teams colours for the big event.  The smell of hot dogs and hot fries stimulate you nose hairs as you can tell the event is getting closer. Brisbane’s unique mixture of scorching temperatures , laid back and fun-loving people, all adding to the awesome atmosphere that surrounds you. The anticipation is burning inside as you can hear the roars and the cheers inside the concrete dome ahead of you.

BEEP! BEEP! The swiping of the tickets has you feeling suspenseful and anxious. The scorcher of a day was quickly apparent as you stepped into the grand stadium. BOOM! the sound of the colossal giants on the field in front of you has the crowd in the stadium in an absolute free-for-all. The atmosphere that surrounds you and the people around you had everyone in awe. Taste of the Hot Dog puts your taste buds in a world of their own, with the sauce and aroma of the hot food putting your mouth in a state of watering and nose hairs tingling at the smell of the hot fries. Another huge clash on the field had the crowd in an absolute frenzy. The buzzing crowd and insane aura from the surrounding people have goosebumps arising all over yours and everyone else’s body.

As the sun is starting to set in Brisbane and the shadows on the field started to get bigger the crowd intensity was at max. The Hits on the field below you start to magnify which sends chills down the spine of yourself and undoubtedly your friends around you. Noticing your ears were aching and ringing as for the past five hours you have been sitting listening to the collosal giants ramming into each other and the fellow people surrounding you cheering and shouting there support and opinions. As the last match was playing and the last hot chip was being consumed the deafening thought arises and the realisation that this last game could possibly be the last time you personally ever get to see a game of Rugby 10’s live.

Stepping out of the stadium it feels as though the city of Brisbane has gotten even hotter that it was before entering the massive concrete bubble. The train travels slow and the bumps along the track jolts you awake. In the  late hours of the night, the bright dazzling lights of the skyscrapers and towers beamed down towards your face. Arriving back at the accommodation a grin starts to arise on your face as you realised that the Brisbane Rugby 10’s was an event that will never be forgotten.

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