Intro: Throughout the world today people are being treated unequally and not given the time of day. In this speech I will be reviewing statistics of worldwide income and how Ethnicity affects these median Incomes throughout countries, I will also be discussing How racism and criminal discrimination can affect people’s job opportunities. to conclude my topic I will go through the opportunities of having a job and a steady income and the Disadvantages¬†

Statistics surrounding world wide income issues: Not only in New Zealand is there a difference between Income values world wide there is statistics that back up these facts. In New Zealand there is a significant pay gap between different ethnicity groups. This spans from quote “Other Ethnicities”, Also known as the common New Zealander who on average makes $37,100 dollars in personal income alone. whereas at the bottom of this pay scale is the pacific peoples who on average make $19,700 in personal income. As you can obviously tell there is a massive difference between these two ethnicities and how each of the groups gets paid differently. Not only does this pay difference occur in New Zealand it is present worldwide. A major country in which this pay difference is notable is the US. The United states has a population of 325 million people, whereas New Zealand’s population sits around 4.6 million. Due to America having such a larger population you would expect the difference between incomes to be different right? well actually in some parts of America there are massive differences in Incomes between ethnicities. At the top of the list was the asian population that lived in America. they, on average they earned 80,000 dollars compared to African Americans who on average made 38,000, That a 42,000 dollar difference on average, which is quite outstanding. Not only is this difference massive but there are many causes that go into this problem.

Why these income differences occur? around the world there is many perceptions of race and stereo typical overviews. Many of these perceptions are over education. Education and schooling is important in many cases to getting a good job and some schools in particular are very selective over who they choose. In most American colleges the average pay fee to get enrolled in a two year programme is 12,000 dollars roughly and for a private 4 year college enrolment it on average costs 47,000 dollars, These final payments often include boarding and tuition. These statistics show that in order to get into some of the top universities in the USA you must have past generations of wealth in order to be able to get that further education. But in some cases schools offer fully paid for tuition for there college. But sometimes people who are still academically talented are not offered these scholarships, Maybe because they have a dodgy background or haven’t been given the time of day. This is a form of stereotyping. Often in America African Americans are stereotyped as rapists and thieves but in reality these people are not. These views of this ethnicity come from nearly one hundred years ago and are passed down through generations, As many people are not born with these views of the African American race but are taught them. Because of these perspectives many African Americans and other hispanic races find it so hard to find good jobs because of the stereotypes laid upon them.

How can income affect peoples life. Not only is income and wealth important for your own needs like shelter and warmth it is important in everyday life. In order for People to survive and live comfortable across the world we as people need to better our views over people and races. Also in order to educate more of the world I believe we should make education and tuition price decrease and reward people who are more deserving, and not reward people just because of there last name..

In this speech I have gone through the statistics surrounding the median pay gap between races, the reasons why this pay gap happens and some possibles ways as to how we can fix these issues. Now do you still think Income is a small issue.


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