15th August 2017

Speech- Sports fans

Do you believe that fans should be punished for what they say and do at sports games and matches? Well personally I feel that fans of sports globally should be punished/banned for the way they act. In this speech I am also going to state how and why the fans actions can hurt the players and the team’s franchise as a whole.

My first point I will cover today is just how rude some of the supporters and fans can get during these games. A few years ago when me and a few others were in a u14 team we had a game that was held in dunedin. After we begun the game all we could hear was a man on the sideline screaming at his players which was fine until he started yelling at our team. During the second half of this game the man yelled at one of our own players saying “Your useless get off the field”. After hearing this our team mate was obviously hurt and as a team we felt as though we were worthless and not good enough. After the game our coaches and referee went and confronted the man about what had happened and after they talked no punish was gifted to him or the team and personally I feel there should of been some type of punishment served. I believe that a punishment that should have been dealt. I feel that the parent/supporter should have been given a ban on watching the their local team. Another penalty that could of occurred was that the team that we were playing should have been given a penalty on the points table within the tournament. Additionally to this i believe that this parent/supporters words gave our team a sense of doubt within ourselves and it dragged down our morale and our overall performance as a team which hurt us out on the field. I personally feel that if there was people around the world saying and shouting things like this from the sidelines a lot of kids would start to lose confidence and quit the sport that they had previously loved.


My second point today is about the fans of major sports teams and how their attitude and behaviour towards teams can both hurt their gameplay and there revenue and profit they make as a business. For my second point today I am going to show you a video of just how reckless some of these supporters can get and just how their actions can influence a game

1.45-2.20- Malice in the palace.


In this video we can see that both the fans and players were involved within the fight and the consequences to the players and fans was huge. Most players from the Pacers (Yellow and blue) were given suspensions which would of hurt their chances of winning that season. Both teams were given heavy suspensions but the biggest ones were full season suspension and half season suspension that were given to Ron Artest and Stephen jackson. Also most players on the Indiana Pacers were given fines, All the fines added up to a total of 11m that was taken out of the players salaries. By the end of this season the pacers finished with a horrible record compared to the previous years they had in the league, they barely got into the playoffs with a record of 44-38 which was a major downgrade from their previous records they had achieved from previous. All though players getting suspended would hurt the franchise greatly in the short term so would the fines the franchise and general managers would have to pay. The pacers company would have to pay countless fines and the general manager of the team would be criticised and booed that he had not moved the players that were involved in the incident. After the GM got countless hate he decided to move the players. This move left the pacers with no star player and the franchise never regained their dominance and they then went into a playoff drought that spanned from 2004-2012. As you may have realised all of these results due to this fight are very serious and damaged the franchise in so many ways, and one of the main reasons this fight broke out and got so bad was because of the fans in the crowd. I feel that this fight shows us just how damaging fans actions can be and how they can derail a team or a person in so many ways


My third point of this speech is the punishments that could be dealt to the fans that interrupt and disturb games. The first action that could be taken against local fans and supporters is a ban from watching the teams game. This can be used for both local games and large professional games, I feel that if they ban people from the games it would lead to less arguments and shouting from the sidelines because they would then know that if they were to start a dispute on the sideline then they might not be able to come to the game or match the next weeks. The next thing I believe professional teams could do is limit the amount of alcoholic drinks each individual can buy. I feel by doing this it will lead to less fights and disagreements in the crowd which will lead to better games and better entertainment, Also the team will not have to pay as many fines as they would have had to in previous seasons. Another positive of this would be that the fans would have to pay less fines because they will not do something stupid under the influence of alcohol. I believe these punishments would benefit the local and professional sporting community because there fans and supporters would be more civilised at their games and matches.


Conclusion: Today I talked to you about why fans of sports should be punished for what they do and how they could be disciplined for what they do. In this speech I have talked to you through a couple of examples of fans mistreating the sport event and just how hectic their actions can be. Also in this speech I have gone through a few possibles ways of how we could punish the fans for their childish actions. Now do you still believe fans should get away scott free?.


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