The Sonny Bill Williams Biography tells the story of how Sonny bill williams went from rugby league prodigy to a world cup winning all black. Sonny Bill Williams story takes him from a young league star at the Bulldogs franchise in Australia to switching codes to rugby union and being paid out to play for Toulon in Europe. Sonny Bill williams was heavily criticised by media and fans across the world. This Biography takes us through the ups and downs of Sonny’s life and how he dealt with the tough criticism that was delivered to him.

A key theme in this Biography is how to deal with criticism. Once the leaving the Bulldogs Sonny was considered a “Sell out” and a “Coward”. People had these feelings towards Sonny as they wanted him to be the face of the Bulldogs franchise and return them to their winning ways. “If you go about trying to please everyone, there’s going to be endless struggles”. This quote from Sonny himself shows that he needed to make the decision to leave to better himself and the others around him. Although he was criticised he believed that he was making the right decision for him, and it actually did benefit him in the long run.

Socially this tough criticism shows us that people around the globe can be very quick to judge people by their own personal opinion. The article reports about Sonny and his decisions would have hindered him emotionally but he was able to block that out and play the game he said he loved. This shows us that all around the globe people are too quick to judge and sometimes jump to conclusions without letting the person involved speak their mind and express there feelings. 

Although Sonny was a coveted athlete he did not tell the Bulldogs fans why he was leaving. Sonny’s actions show that some sporting athlete can have tunnel vision and not care about the fans when they were the people that gave him a chance in the first place. Although this is on a small scale I believe athletes around the world sometimes believe they are invincible  and do not abide by the rules and don’t think about other people’s feelings. Sports athletes that have been in trouble with the law seem to always find a way out of it due to their big name and how much money they are making. This is not right and shows that sometimes the society we live in can be very lenient to the top level athletes.

Personally, This text speaks a lot to me as i have had many players and people leave teams that I played for or supported and it was tough, so I can see why Sonny was criticised heavily. I also enjoyed the sporting aspect of it and that I could get an understanding of how hard it is to be a top level athlete.

I would recommend the Sonny Bill bibliography to people with sporting interest. This is because the text gives an insight on what it would possibly be like to be a top level athlete across the world. Another reason I enjoyed this text was because it was written in first person so we got a sense of his emotions when he was playing and the media attention.

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