This song from artist Joyner Lucas describes the disconnect between the white population and the black population in America today. In the Rap song Joyner describes both sides of the story (White and black populations) while making sarcastic variations of what each ethnicity thinks about one another. The song also describes each ethnicities feelings and stereotypical views to the other ethnicity.

A key theme shown in this song is the animosity shared between the two races and the beliefs they have about one another. Many lines in the song almost sound as though they are coming from a sarcastic view point and are sometimes being very stereotypical of the other race. a lyric from the song comes from the White males supposed point of view on the black people. “I mean, you still trapped in a rut And I work my ass off and I pay my taxes for what?, So you can keep livin’ off free government assistance?”. This quote shows a stereotypical view on the black man, and almost make it sound as though the black people get payed to do nothing while the white population works. This is a very stereotypical view but it addresses the theme of hate and separation between the two races.

Historically this text, once again can take us back to racial segregation in old america during times of civil war.”Talkin’ about slavery like you was around back then”. this quote takes us back to the time of racial segregation, and it comes from the point of the song when he is talking as if he was a white male. To me it shows that the White man does not care to much about the past incidents and believes that the black population is holding on to it too much. This can also be viewed as a social aspect as the white man does not want to think about the horrendous things his ancestors possibly did in the past.

Throughout the world this song can be related to the situation occurring in every country. The song is split into two parts, Black peoples thoughts and white peoples thoughts. This to me shows a divide in ethnicity and all around the world today we are seeing huge divides in people and communities just due to their ethnicity. “It’s like we livin’ in the same building but split into two floors” This quote near the end of the song shows this racial divide. All across the world people are deserting each other just due to their race. this lyric can be represent on a worldwide basis as if the “Building” was earth and the “Split into two floors” is as if we are all split into our own countries barricaded from each other due to our ethnicities.

Personally I can see where this is coming from but have had no real experience with racial issues. Growing up in new zealand many racial problems happened well before I was here, although those maori and european disagreements still often come up it does not personally affect me. However, this song does give me a better understanding of the racial divide between black and white man and women in present day America.

I would recommend listening to this song if you are keen on familiarising yourself on the racial divide that people have in america. I do like how the artist, Joyner Lucas is able to depict two sides of the story when singing this song as it gives both ethnicities time to express their stereotypical views./

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