The untouchables directed by Oliver Nakache and Éric Tolendo depicts the true story of a paralysed man and his hilarious caretaker and friend.This films illustrates a young black man from the African country of Senegal and how his job of taking care of a french paraplegic changed his and the Frenchman life for good.  The relationship between Philippe, The paraplegic and Driss, Philippe’s caretaker is very special and shows the readers that opposites can grow wonderful friendship and can change each other’s lives for the better and in this case that is what happened.

The untouchables by Olivier Nakache and Eric Tolendo illustrates various themes, One theme that standed out to me is the idea that it does not matter what religion or ethnicity these two people were they were able to set that aside and create a life long friendship. For the two of them to be complete polar-opposites to becoming great friends is a special concept. This idea in my opinion is possibly the main idea shown in the film. This theme of friendship can also be seen when Driss, the helper inspires Phillipe to meet new people. In this scene of the movie Driss deliberately sets phillipe up with a women he had been talking to for a while. This shows a key theme in the text that having friends that push you to your boundaries can ultimately better your life in the long run.

This film can teach us a thing culturally about the world we live in today. Although driss was an african man, He and phillipe were able to develop a bond even though the two of them were near opposites. “This is not just a job anymore”. Driss says this quote to his now dear friend Philippe. It shows that although Driss worked for Phillipe he gained much more from the job than just money and had actually started to develop a friendship/trust with Phillipe. As viewers this can show that around the world people may develop friendships in the weirdest of places yet sometimes this friendships can be the strongest.

This film shows that we as a human race have come far from when we would have segregation between races and countries. The friendship that Driss and Philippe have gained can represent how people around the world today are not concerned how others may look or their disabilities. “Thats what I want…. no pity”. This quotation from phillipe can represent that disabled people are not looking for pity they just are looking for someone that can actually care for them. Driss in this movie was brung up in a hard society and was not gifted with large amounts of money, yet he was one of the most caring men in the movie. This to me shows that people who are brung up in tough beginnings can genuinely be some of the nicer people in the world, due to the opportunities that are presented in front of them (Ie: Being able to take care of Phillipe).

Personally I have not had much experience caring or taking care of someone but it does personally connect to me in the ways of friendship. After working and striving to complete a goal with another person it can bring people together and personally I believe I have made some of my best friends by working and striving towards a goal together. So the movie “The untouchables” can, in my opinion connect with many people due to the base of how they were able to create a friendship with one another.

In the untouchables film one thing I enjoyed greatly was how they represented Driss. When we saw Driss with Phillipe he looked free of jobs and joyous. This was the near opposite though when he had to go home as he was worked and blamed for many things. I enjoyed this aspect as we got to see Driss in different lights and get a better understanding of his character and his upbringings. The untouchables film taught me many valuable lessons of friendship and loyalty and I would definitely recommend it as a film to watch if your looking to be uplifted.

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