17th August 2018

Reading log 1- Hard Rock

Hard rock- Short story – Author Ethridge Knight

The short story, Hard rock is written by a fellow cell mate, in first person. This is a story about an inmate called Hard rock who was admired by other inmates as a Maverick and someone who would stick up for other inmates. This all changed though as Hard rock just returned back to the Prison after he was held in the Hospital for the criminal insane. This short story goes over how the man hard rock was changed from a hard, No nonsense man to a bare, slow and brainless boy.

The Ideas shown and portrayed  in this poem are black rights. This idea is prominent in the quote “The fears of years, Like a biting whip”. This quote addresses how african american men and women have been oppressed from the white community and life for years. This poem also portrays the idea of slavery with the line “Bloody grooves, across our backs”. This quote once again re-states the idea of slavery and the horrible past of the african american race.

This text historically takes us back to the times of racial segregation

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