The Sonny Bill Williams Biography tells the story of how Sonny bill williams went from rugby league prodigy to a world cup winning all black. Sonny Bill Williams story takes him from a young league star at the Bulldogs franchise in Australia to switching codes to rugby union and being paid out to play for […]

The Novel called “Malala, the girl who stood up for education and changed the world”. When Malala was ten years old the Taliban took over her region in Pakistan. They enforced terrible laws on the town and banned most things including the disallowance of girls and women attending school. Malala was brought up to stand […]

This song from artist Joyner Lucas describes the disconnect between the white population and the black population in America today. In the Rap song Joyner describes both sides of the story (White and black populations) while making sarcastic variations of what each ethnicity thinks about one another. The song also describes each ethnicities feelings and […]

The film I studied was 12 years a slave. The plot of 12 years a slave follows the life of Solomon northup. Years before the civil war Solomon was a free black man living in New York, America. He was kidnapped and sold into slavery and was sold to a cruel white owner. For 12 […]

The untouchables directed by Oliver Nakache and √Čric Tolendo depicts the true story of a paralysed man and his hilarious caretaker and friend.This films illustrates a young black man from the African country of Senegal and how his job of taking care of a french paraplegic changed his and the Frenchman life for good.  The […]

Hard rock- Short story – Author Ethridge Knight The short story, Hard rock is written by a fellow cell mate, in first person. This is a story about an inmate called Hard rock who was admired by other inmates as a Maverick and someone who would stick up for other inmates. This all changed though […]

I intend to write a piece of creative writing describing a place or scene that I have visited out of this country. I plan to use figurative language and involve my senses to enhance the story that I write. I also plan to describe the piece of writing as if someone else was in my […]

Intro: Throughout the world today people are being treated unequally and not given the time of day. In this speech I will be reviewing statistics of worldwide income and how Ethnicity affects these median Incomes throughout countries, I will also be discussing How racism and criminal discrimination can affect people’s job opportunities. to conclude my […]

Discuss how the author introduces us to a main character in the novel, and how this character and their journey help you understand one or more significant themes/ideas. Techniques could include figures of speech, syntax, word-choice, style, symbolism, structure, or narrative point-of-view Amir and techniques that the narrator uses to describe his story and life. […]

The first turning point in this novel is when Amir witnessed Hassan’s rape and makes the decision to do nothing, he just wanted to get the kite to please Baba. Hosseini has built up to this event by foreshadowing that something will happen later in the novel that will change there lives forever, In a […]